sedaview® double – nose masks, size: child, 12 pcs.


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Available fragrances: Strawberry, Bubblegum, Orange, Grape, Odorless

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The sedaview® double mask - The original

Our sedaview® double mask system is a modern and very popular nasal mask system for laughing gas sedation. The inner mask continues the trend of the Accutron PIP+™ system and is available in a wide variety of colors and fragrances. The doctor can see the patient’s breathing through the clear-view outer mask.

sedaview® has thus decisively shaped the application method of laughing gas sedation.

The decisive advantage: the optimized fit means that the dentist is not restricted in any way by the mask in the upper anterior region.


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Double mask system sedaview® in uni sizes for children and adults

The shape of the sedaview® inner mask is designed in a revolutionary different way than conventional single-walled nasal masks. This allows us to introduce one size for adults (Adult) and children (Pedo) and makes the size selection much easier.

The improved fit allows you to fit adults of all nose shapes and sizes with the same nasal mask. This fits tightly and comfortably.

For the Pedo size, special consideration was given to the anatomical features of the child’s face. The external mask additionally increases the suction power.

Due to your very good fit and the higher suction power of the outer mask, we only achieve a room air contamination of 34ppm (permissible is 100ppm, study on request).

Double nose mask sedaview®

  • New! Improved fit for sedaview® Adult in the nose root area, for even better wearing comfort.
  • Breathing becomes visible
  • A lot of space in the anterior region
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Only two sizes (Pedo & Adult)
  • Very good fit and tightness
  • Very low indoor air contamination
  • wide range of fragrances and colors
  • also available in „fragrance neutral
  • very easy to change the mask
  • Exhaled N2O is discharged by Accutron patient tubing system
  • Skin friendly poly material
  • Latex-free (all Accurton products are completely latex-free)

Odorless, Orange, Strawberry, Bubblegum, Grape