To the analgesia (Pain relief), e.g. in the Obstetrics, we can clinics the ON-DEMAND-SYSTEMS with fixed 50/50 mixtures of nitrous oxide / oxygen recommend. The use of our on-demand systems for nitrous oxide analgesia enables clinics to achieve effective and highly cost-efficient Mission.

Compared to premix systems, the costs per treatment can be reduced by up to 90% .

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The focus of the therapy is on significant pain reduction at the patients. Laughing gas analgesia is currently a very frequently used procedure, especially in obstetrics, in order to offer women in labor an alternative to a PDA to eliminate pain during childbirth.

The women who give birth especially appreciate the fact that they can use the ON-DEMAND valve to die Control nitrous oxide therapy yourself and can call it up exactly when your pain level requires it.

Practitioners, doctors and midwives are due to the simple and safe application of the systems and methodology also convinced of nitrous oxide analgesia worldwide. In Europe, nitrous oxide analgesia in Great Britain and Scandinavia is an integral part of birth assistance (with birth rates of up to 80% under nitrous oxide) and other specialties such as emergency rooms, pediatric surgery and aesthetic surgery.

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Our partner for pharmaceutical advice on site

Together with uour partner LACHGAS LL we are on-site with a team of pharmaceutical representatives in the clinics and a competent contact person for all departments of a clinic. 

Since 2010 Mr. Lippert-Lenzu has experience in laughing gas analgesia in the clinic and practice (obstetrics, pediatric surgery, oncology, gastroenterology and dermatology).

He supports and accompanies clinics sustainable in the integration of laughing gas analgesia in therapeutic and technical terms . He checks the most efficient integration of the systems with the clinics on site and also implements concepts for the suction and discharge of the exhaled gases in cooperation with the local medical technology maximum occupational safety for doctors and medical specialists.


Specialist information on nitrous oxide analgesia in obstetrics

Further specialist information on the complex of topics  Nitrous oxide in obstetrics can be found on the following websites and articles, among others:

As a patient, what can you find on the nitrous oxide analgesia network?

The topic Laughing gas at birth has reappeared in Germany in recent years. In the following list you will find links to popular portals that – at Addressed to patients – describe laughing gas analgesia.

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In dem mobilen Fahrwagen können neben der Mischereinheit auch 2x 10 Liter-Gasflaschen aufgenommen werden. Alle benötigten Komponenten für die Lachgasanalgesie werden in diesem System in einer Installation vereint. Durch die Mobilität des Systems ist es perfekt geeignet für einen flexiblen Einsatz in mehreren Behandlungszimmern.  

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Das System fuktioniert mit 2 Gasquellen - Lachgas und Sauerstoff  - und verabreicht zu jedem Zeitpunkt nur eine feste Mischung von 50% Lachgas und 50% Sauerstoff. Die Besonderheit ist das interne Demand-Ventil: Dadurch kann eine bedarfsgerechte Verabreichung per Inhalations -Trigger erreicht werden und die Verbrauchskosten extremst gesenkt werden durch die Möglichkeit, Standard Schlauchsysteme zu nutzen. Bei einer Verwendung eines Atemfilters pro Patient kann das Schlauchsystem auch mehrfach verwendet werden.  

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Das MDU System zersetzt das exhalierte Gasgemisch(>99%) in Stickstoff und Sauerstoff und kann bei fehlender Absaugvorrichtung zur Minimierung der Raumluftkonzentration von N2O eingesetzt werden.  

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