Nasal masks and Scavenging circuits

All of our cuddly nasal masks are latex-free, have a pleasant consistency, simply feel good and ensure optimal application during nitrous oxide treatment and thus a high treatment success. Our systems impress with a great selection of sizes, colors and scents!

With the cuddly and flexible Accutron patient tubing systems, a high level of treatment comfort is ensured for you and your patients.

The hose systems always present themselves in an aesthetically white appearance and guarantee a safe working environment during the application of the gas mixture due to the excellent processing of the individual components.

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Biewer Medical nasal mask systems for laughing gas sedation

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Double mask system

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PIP+® Personal Inhaler Plus

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Axess® Low

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Knowledge articles on the subject of nasal masks and tube systems

Aufbereitung Schlauchsystem

In diesem Video erfahren sie, wie sie Ihr Schlauchssytem von Biewer medical im MELAG Therodesinfektor [...]

Masken und Schlauchsysteme

Hier finden sie Videos, die sie in der Benutzung unserer Schlauchssyteme und Nasenmasken schulen.

Wie wirkt Lachgas?

Wie wirkt Lachgas im Nervensystem? Welche Auswirkung hat es kardiovaskul├Ąr? Was bewirkt es im Metabolismus?