Technical service, maintenance and repair of dental nitrous oxide systems

as authorized service company we also look after our customers in all matters relating to technical service. We can offer maintenance, safety and metrological controls as well as repairs for all of the products we sell from a single source.

An automated reminder function, e.g. for necessary maintenance and checks, is a matter of course for us – as is secure and accurate documentation of the relevant processes.

Maintenance and STK testing of our Accutron nitrous oxide systems is due every 24 months. We perform the tests in your practice and after sending in the devices in our service center in Koblenz.

You have the following advantages through our maintenance service:

  • Compliance with all current legal requirements (TRGS, MPBetreibV (STK), MPG)
  • Full inspection of the nitrous oxide-oxygen mixer for leak tightness, flow performance and fully functional safety mechanisms in accordance with the intended purpose and manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Repair of any defects in your system directly on site in the course of maintenance
  • Increase the service life of the system and accessories
  • Hardly any downtime of the systems in your practice due to on-site testing
  • Documentation of maintenance and maintenance measures taken in your nitrous oxide inspection logbook
Order maintenance and STK for your nitrous oxide system now

Commissioning of maintenance of nitrous oxide system (digital and analog flowmeters)

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